Saturday, December 3, 2011

Angels and a Giveaway

 These sweet little angels are posted outside my kitchen window reminding me when I am inside or out, that I am being watched over.  I have had an amazing experience of angels in my life after my car went off a cliff 11 years ago, broke in pieces and I was saved...lots of physical and speech therapies..and another disease discovered that required chemo...but throughout those 3 worst years, I was given the grace of seeing white feathery angel wings that told me an angel held me.  At times I worried about my children--then so young--and I saw them held by that same white feathery winged angel.

 These 2 were freebies from thefeatherednest originally
This Christmas I am making a garland with these free downloadable too can download them.  Mine is a story of amazing grace and love during a time of uncertainty, pain and fear...something I want to remember with my garland. 

I hope to have it made next week to show you the finished one.

These awesome canvases would go nicely with my angels!!  I love that the angels in Bible stories always said "Fear not!"  when they greeted someone. 
Here is the link for a GIVEAWAY  to win these or other Christmas themed boards over at Nesting Place:

 We humans go to fear so easily, but that isn't what our Creator wants...God wants to bring us peace and Joy, healing and hope. 

One more thing...If your shopping includes little ones, is having its annual sale with participating shops..,INCLUDING ME!!  Anywhere you find the picture of Miss CandeeCayne in the photos of the item, you get the reward...mine is FREE SHIPPING.  Look for this:
May you see your blessings today!


  1. Guardian angels are all around us. It takes a tragedy sometimes to make us see them more. Blessing to you for a better life.

  2. He always holds us, sometimes in the palm of His hands and sometimes in Angels wings. What a blessing and praise for your healing. Thank you so much for your testimony.
    Merry Christmas

  3. that is an amazing story and we are so happy you are with us to share it and your good news. I made some angel wings to put in my booth. I used the white downy feathers my chickens shed this past Fall. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful week.


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