Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's Gifts

I am undone by autumn light! ...its long shadows and brilliance astound me...literally 3 of my lines of November's gratitude list have to do with it.  I am a lover of colors, and I think autumn light does something indescribable for color.

 This beautiful little angel given to me by someone dear, has a broken wing.  Later I will glue it with some really great stinky glue.  But she has captured me with her peace even with her broken wing!  We have adopted 3 broken kitties over the years.  The last one we named Harry Potter---he seems to be endowed by his Creator with magical love. 
Harry Potter

Lily, one of our broken kitties  
Chula, once a very frightened little kitty
The past 2 days I have watched a miracle unfold as the 3 (loving, angry, and fearful)  PLAYED TOGETHER!!!  I never thought it would be possible.  But Love truly does heal even anger and fear.  Even mine.  For this Love of God I am soooo grateful.
And finally, today, I go into my studio to work/sew/embroider...grateful today for the joy of doing work that I love...and for this gift of MY Creator.  It has truly been a healing art for this soul.  I am so happy that Emily is doing tuesdays unwrapped now...It is the perfect break from the busy holiday stuff, to slow and be grateful for the ordinary in my life.  Here is her link to find more blogs tuesdays unwrapped blogs:

May you see all your blessings in front of you today!
Love, Kathi

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  1. mmm.. i adore autumn light has well. i agree love can heal even the most jagged wound. it's a miracle of grace. thanks for a view into your peaceful. :)


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