Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Humility unwrapped

             I panicked...got overwhelmed.  And I forgot. 

I forgot to go in the strength I have...with what I had been given.  Forgot to observe the birds, carefree in the care of God, who have enough for each day.  Who make amazing nests from our remnants. Instead I thought it wasn't enough.  I needed more to be like the other sellers...to be enough.
 I bought too much with money I didn't have...and I didn't have enough time to use it...Now I have piles of unused fabrics and a bill to pay.
Today I am unwrapping grace and forgiveness and Love.  I am remembering who I am really, and that I don't have to be like the popular girls!  God is redeeming my mistake with humility...a true gift that lets me be grateful for who I am, not worried about who I am not. 
...I am slower in my work since my accident...don't get large quantities of things made. 
...I am committed to working with recycled stuff and vintage stuff instead of all new..."reimagined remnants and treasures"
...My creativity works best in making one or two of a kind, not lots of the same thing. 
..and that is my "lovely, messy truth" today...I get to be who I am TODAY, not yesterday or years ago, but now...and love this me, because my God loves me the way I am.
...so today I offer that.  and I am grateful for what I get to do today--make skirts!...and so grateful that I am God's reimagined treasure.

What are you struggling with about yourself that you can see through eyes of grace and humility today?
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  1. Oh my stars! My girl would go batty over that adorable skirt!

    And oh my, I adore this line: "My creativity works best in making one or two of a kind, not lots of the same thing."

    Me too, Kathi, me too.

    I love your space here ~ it's a vibrant cornucopia of color *and* grace. Beautiful.

  2. The skirt looks something would be great for my dolls.You have allot to look on your blog Laura


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