Friday, April 2, 2010

Pink Easter Saturday

For me, Easter is all about resurrection and renewal---of the earth and of our spirits.  This pink rose was the last one of autumn in my yard, and now I look for what will come next after the end of our long winter. 

Not too long ago, I shared with you all a reimagined  outfit I had made from Vera scarves and a recycled linen shirt.  I received a wonderful email in response to that post, and I want to share it today in the spirit of being a reimagined soul, of never losing hope in what God can do, the spirit of being resurrected...

"...I was reading on your blog and saw the Vera pants etc. I had tears in my eyes as Vera passed away this year and I know she would have been delighted to see your creation! She was my Daughter in law's God mother. She had a marvelous story of survival. Vera was an assistant to Tito in the old Yugoslavia. She literally escaped at night with the clothes on her back and started a life on her own. My husband and I had the opportunity to meet her and spend an afternoon with her in her home at Palm Springs. She was a Orthodox Christian and I do believe she had a relationship with God. Vera lived in several European countries and made her living in the arts before finding her way to New York. She literally lived in Grand Central Station and had nothing but the clothes on her back and drank water for days. She ended up working for a company that designed printed fabrics. Her artful eye and painting abilities came into play. She asked her boss if she could come in on a Saturday and organize the threads and yarns. She worked for free. When she finished all the organizing there were lots of small useless pieces and she asked her boss if she could have them. After she finished working all day at the company, she would design her own prints with the leftovers. She would peddling her prints around New York to start her business. Vera did many other amazing artful and talented things in her life. Kathi, you and Vera were kindred spirits as she used reimagined treasures just like you. She also painted birds that were used by the Audubon Society. ( I am fortunate enough to have one of her original watercolors.)  She was a delightful lady with many talents like you! I found her an inspiration and great example of survival and success. Her estate was left to two churches!  I must say she had great earthly wealth when she died but... I can hear her say, "Thanks God for all He had done for me"....
 My blog and website are call Reimagined Remnants and Treasures not only because I use recycled fabrics and vintage bits to create, but because I have experienced being recycled and reImagined by God after a near fatal car accident and then disease...I am unable to do my former job--an R.N.--yet, in my healing process, this little business has been unfolding!  

May you know deeply God's love and healing and the power of being resurrected this Easter and all year!  And I would love to hear your experiences of renewal and being reImagined!


  1. What an amazing story! Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Love your little pyjama set too.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter!

  2. What a lovely post today!
    Happy Pink Saturday to you and Happy Easter too!
    xo Tami

  3. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter!!

  4. What a lovely Pink Saturday post! May you have a blessed Easter.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  5. Thank you for sharing that lovely story. Vera did some beautiful work. She was so talented. I love what you did with her scarves. Gorgeous!! Happy Belated Easter and Pink Saturday.

  6. Beautiful post Kathi and the story behind your reimagined treasures blog name ♥ I too survived a horrific car accident nearly 8 years ago now & had to "reimagine" life. The power of art is amazing.

  7. I guess I am too early for this week's Pink Saturday, but, nevertheless, --

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Greetings from Munich,

  8. Just to stop and say hello and wish you a Happy Pink Saturday.



  10. So wonderful to meet you, Kathi! Thank-you for coming by my "place" today so that I could come visit you at yours--what a lovely blog you have!

    I love what you're doing, and love the explanation for your name...what a beautiful thing...the Lord does love us and bless us, doesn't He? He doesn't always take our problems away, but He helps us to rise above them & be better than we ever thought we could be, and you're doing that in a wonderful way!

    I'll be back often to say hello & see what you're working on...hope your Sunday is peaceful and lovely!


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