Monday, March 29, 2010

Taking Time

"Nobody sees a flower, really.
It is so small.  We haven't the time
and to see takes time, 
like to have friends
takes time."

-Georgia O'Keefe

This weekend I needed to rest my mind.  We worked outside Saturday, cleaning up the yard, planted a few things and Chloe, cut some beautiful flower arrangements. 

Camelias floating in my Japanese ikebana bowl

Today, I went out  to photograph some of the beauty in my own yard that I walk right by, forget to be thankful for, or worse, am too busy to even see.  We planted the camellias to celebrate our anniversary #17, and the crabapple tree was the year before...they are finally really budding and blooming...some  good things take time!  The roses we planted for our 15th anniversary  (15 old roses)  bloomed right away, but are so much fuller and bigger now  (we just had our 21st in January!)
  I tend to be impatient, and struggle to trust that the peonies really will come back again this year!!  This weekend, I took some time to really see, to talk to a friend, write a far away friend, plant with my husband and cut flowers with my daughter...I laid on the grass and took photos of crabapple blossoms and iris.  And it was good!

Laura Bray over at had a great blog today about Sunday rest, and has a fun week of blogging planned.  Check it out!  
I hope you had a restful weekend and are re-energized for this week!


  1. Your photos are stunning! Thanks so much for the blog mention. Come back and do laundry with me today. I can just imagine some vintage sheets drying on the line in your beautiful garden.

  2. Hi Kathi
    The Camelias floating in the bowl are beautiful! Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment ~ The mosaics are created using Picasa 3 which is a free download - really easy and fun to do! I have very limited computer skills and even I can do it :-)

  3. Your flower photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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