Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Storybooks and a Storybook Dress

The Brambly Hedge china cup my mom brought Chloe from England.  She also started us out on Jill Barklem's  Brambly Hedge stories of wee mice's wonderful lives amongst the herbs and wild flowers on the edge of a river.  There is one for each season, and more. The Summer Story is all about the community getting ready for Poppy and Dusty's Wedding....This teacup is showing that and here are a couple of beautiful illustrations from that book:

I have always LOVED the sweet clothes and illustrations.  Strongly recommend the books if you haven't found them yet!  (and, no, I don't get anything out of recommending them!)  Here's the link to the official website in the U.K.:

At their website you can go into Wilfrid's Playroom to print out pictures for your child to color!  and other fun things.

...And here is the dress I just finished with some rare, Rose and Hubble Brambly Hedge fabric and a few other vintage goodies!!  I think its fun because it could also feel like an Alice in Wonderland dress to a 4 year old, like Alice at the tea party  with all the little creatures!

I'd love to have you come to my etsy store!   www.reimaginedtreasures.etsy.com

I hope your day is full of the beauty and wonder of a young child!......Kathi


  1. Oh this is the sweetest dress yet! I love it!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday! I love the teapot! Unique. Aren't the illustrations in that book wonderful? Thanks for displaying it. And the dress, what fun! Hope it finds its way to someone who'll really enjoy it! Some mom and daughter will, I'm sure! Thanks! Jenn <><

  3. Such a sweet post and the dresses are adorable. Very nice use of fabrics and vintage sweetness. Happy Pink Saturday!!

  4. It's tea time. Love the tea pot and tea cup. Happy Pink Saturday. Hope your are having a wonderful weekend.

  5. Love, love, love the dress! So sweet.


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