Wednesday, March 10, 2010

                       Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without words,
And never stops at all.
        Emily Dickinson

I just love this bit from Emily Dickinson which I saw on  Beverly's site   I am going to be doing Pink Saturdays now.  You can go there if you want to join in too!


  1. Good Morning and Happy First Pink Saturday! The little poem by Emily Dickenson is darling. And the picture repeats the theme so well. Hope- we all need it don't we! What a sweet pink reminder.

  2. Welcome to pink Saturday. That is a lovely poem and you are doing great.

  3. Hi and welcome,welcome to Pink Saturday. You will just love visiting all the pink ladies..
    Happ Pinks and have a great weekend.

  4. Hi, Kathy,
    What a beautiful quote! Love it!! Also thank you for sharing that vintage image of the flowers and bird. It is making me think of spring which hopefully is just around the corner!! Welcome to Pink Saturday! Vicki

  5. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Kathy. I am glad you will be joining us.

    As you know, that is one of my favorite verses.


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