Monday, March 15, 2010

I feel spring!

This is one of the dresses I finished this weekend!  It really makes me feel happy looking at it, and I am hoping it will do that for a little 3 or 4 year old girl.  When I am working on these little girl clothes, it brings up such great memories of my daughter running and playing in the garden and park with her brother and her little friends!  Chloe was a flower lover, and frequently picked flowers for me from my giant garden...often the flowers were pulled out roots and all!! But of course, I loved it!
What I hope to figure out soon is the whole scanning in process!  I used to paint children, and would love to share some photos of those paintings with you here..but the photos aren't digital.  (This was back in the prehistoric age of F_I_L_M!)  I loved to photograph them in gardens or at the lake or parks doing their thing, not posed, and then paint them. 
Here's another little treasure that sold already, but I thought I 'd share anyways.  It is made from beautiful vintage organza-like cotton dotted swiss in blue and white.  I totally fell in love with this vintage rose trim, too.  And the fabric for the apron has little flocked daisies running down it!  TEA PARTY!!  and Alice in Wonderland!  

These ties in back are upcycled and reImagined from a vintage apron.  I just love recycling!!

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  1. Hi Sweetie. You know I love these!
    Do you have a scanner? If not, come on over and I can scan them for you. I would love to see the pics and you know I love your work.


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