Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Baby Friends, New Ideas, New Decade!!!!

We got a beautiful surprise visit a few days ago from our dear friend, Joanna, my now- teenagers' favorite childhood babysitter, and her newest child, named Chloe after my Chloe! 4 year old Benjie loves to make music, and is very entertaining!

I truly enjoy little ones, and I think that is why, even though my 2 are 18 and nearly 17 years, I still really like to make clothes and hats and blankies for the wee ones! I especially want to create from the remnants, to lighten our human footprint on our planet that we will leave to these wee ones! I am finding I have oodles of great vintage remnants that could make adorable toddler clothing.
These are the little flannel pants I custom made for a friend's new niece. I sooo enjoyed this and am thinking about doing more baby and toddler pants for my etsy shop to go with the baby hats. I am also thinking of smock tops that double as aprons, all reimagined from remnant fabrics and vintage bits and trims, of course! Any thoughts about this?

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  1. Oo La La! My four year old daughter would love those PJs!


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