Monday, January 4, 2010


It has been a beautiful, magical Christmas season here, starting with the snow before Christmas! Snow seems to be magical for me, and definitely for Bowser, our angel-dog. I loved knitting hats and fingerless gloves and the cowl neck scarves while curled up by the tree, watching snow. Today is the 12th Day of Christmas, so I wanted to share these images before saying good bye to it, and to wish you all a happy new year, new decade! I am really looking forward to it! One of my new goals is to blog several times each week and to be able to exchange conversations with people about bloggy things! I hope you'll feel free to leave your comments throughout the year.

The colors of winter!

I love the giant chartreuse fig leaves with snow!

snow is gone, but I must share the incredible beauty of our rare sites with you!

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  1. Thank you for the great compliments on my blog. I love doing the aprons but I just found a blog that had posted one and said it was the ugliest thing they had seen..."looked like Gramma throw up on it" was her exact comment. I had to laught. That one was not my favorite but it did sell! Gotta love blogland! Just glad I'm not famous!
    Blessings, Terisa
    ps Hubbie and I love your area. He used to do watercolor workshops up there.


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