Thursday, February 18, 2010

The chickadees are back!

The chickadees flew back into my garden yesterday.  Last year was the first I have seen them up close and personal.  They came in a large crowd (about 12)  and made lots of noises warning each other about cat arrivals, took turns at eating the food, and allowed birds of another kind to fly with them and even benefit from their protective community!  They spoke to me about love, community and acceptance, and TRUST.  In my bird book, I read that they always travel like this and make sure each is taken care of, and you don't have to be a chickadee to be in their protective flock!

They also spoke to me Jesus' words to "observe the bird, carefree in the care of God"  and to know how loved we are by God, and we will always have our needs met.  Birds don't worry!  I am thinking that's why they sing so beautifully!  
These towels are what came out of that and since the chickadees are back, I am making more towels now, for my etsy shop!  (I have been swamped with custom orders this month--a good thing--but, so I haven't put as much in my shop, but you can always email me or blog to me if you want to get something  and it isn't showing up in my store!)


  1. Oh Kathi, I just LOVE Chickadees!!! Such a beautiful post and of course, beautiful creations too!!!! These are just adorable ~ I'm so very glad that you've been busy with orders too....what a blessing!!! Thank you so much for visiting me ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  2. Hi Kathi
    Thank you so much for visiting today and your kind words ♥
    I LOVE all the towels ...anything with a bird on it is a favourite to me!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi Kathi, so nice to meet you, thanks for coming by. Glad you entered the give away!
    I love your sweet towels with the darling birdies. so very cute, and your last post with your daughter is so sweet, she's such a lovely girl. You should be proud!

  4. I'm loving that top tea towel and the chickens are awfully cute too!

  5. Hi Kathi,
    Happy Pink Saturday! Love your clothes, wish I could sew, but alas I kick butt with a glue gum instead! Love that postcard with the little fairy! Have a Sparkly Pink Saturday!!!
    Tobi and the Pink Pixies!

  6. How darling. I love Chickadees and your embroidered towels are so cute. Beautiful flowers, too.

  7. Loved the hen and chicks....quite the seamstress!


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