Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Glue: Sometimes there is no glue.

Sometimes there just. is. no. glue.  Mothers weeping for their children...sorrows like sea billows roll in Korea...parents who sent their beloved ones on field trips by busses and boats, never again to see them alive.  On this Good Friday, they weep and wail, and I weep with them...parents in my town who lost their daughter and son, same age as my own...earthquakes, disease.  Sometimes there just is no glue.  But there are wings of angels.  In my deepest darkest night of the soul some years ago when told I was going to die and leave my young children behind, when my body hurt so badly and was too weak to fulfill any bucket list, I saw the white feathers around me.  I knew for weeks on end that I was being held because I could see the tips of the faces...but I knew. There is no glue to heal a heart that is ripped apart by such agonizing loss, but I pray today that those people in the news, not just faces, but human grieving souls will see the wings of God's angels sent to carry them through.
May it be so, we pray.

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  1. What a beautiful prayer for those hurting today! I love the imagery of the white feathers enfolding their heart and yours and mine today!


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