Friday, May 20, 2011

New Styles, Pretty Pinks!

The sun has been out a few times now this spring!!  A few flowers are daring to bloom, and it's fast approaching wedding season, so I decided to do something new this spring---flower girl dresses!  I have some beautiful vintage linens--actual linen--in my collection that have been waiting for me to figure out what to create with them.  I started this pattern with a a Portabella Pixie pattern and changed it until I had the it the way I pictured it.  Absolutely LOVE this neckline, though.  It is so graceful.  I pictured this in an outdoor wedding, although I think with petticoats and starch it would be great in a brownstone church too!!

There's a big bow tied in back

Sweet row of old buttons

 This is another beautiful shabby chic linen in my stash...I picture it on a really little flower girl.  It has cherubs, arches of roses and a chandelier with birds on it....need I say more?!
Actual color

 I darkened this photo so you can see better

I also have added a twirly tiered style dress to my shop.  I don't have them all made up yet, this is the first...I remember twirling outside on our hilly grassy backyard until I fell down, and then laying and watching the sky spin. :)  This would make a good party dress too, though, I think.

Happy Pink Saturday!!
This is my new shop avatar by Wildenblue!  She did the new banner too...go check her out; she has some great ones here:


  1. They are so pretty dress... happy PS! mine is up.

    mine is here

  2. Lovely post..Happy Pink Saturday...

  3. I just became a follower! I love your little girl dresses! I just returned from visiting my little niece, she would look so cute in them! Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend!

  4. You do outstanding work. These pretty little dresses would look nice in any style wedding.

  5. I so admire the beautiful dresses you have made. Any little girl would be a princess in your dresses. Any big girl too. Beautiful work.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  6. Oh my goodness...your creations are fabulous. I just love the dresses. I hope you sell that rose dress quickly and wouldn't it be wonderful if it was a flower girl dress and she gave us pictures of it? I am dreaming now. :) Happy belated Pink Saturday and I hope you have a wonderful week. ~


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