Friday, June 25, 2010

Roses everywhere!

Roses just make me smile.   I get to walk out my front door every day right now and smell them.  The arbor is covered and both sides of the driveway are surrounded in a variety of pinks!

I  also just looked around and realized how many fabrics I have collected have roses on them!  This dress that I just listed is in citrus colors, but the Kaffe Fassett fabric of the apron is brilliant orange and rasberry pinks.

A different mood entirely for me from these roses

 This peachy color is soothing and sweet for me.  I found this beautiful shabby chic roses fabric at an awesome fabric yard sale!!!!  
 This is the front of the apron dress I created with it.  The apron is Cicely Mary Barker's vintage flower fairy fabric that I had remnants of in my stash!  Love the pink velvet rick rack too!!!
  I found out this week that I have to have shoulder surgery, on my right arm!!  It is happening in August, so I am putting out my fall items now on my etsy store.  JUST CLICK ON MY LINK TO IT ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BLOG PAGE.  PreOrders are great if you want fall items since I won't be able to sew for about a month after surgery...I can make them now though!



  1. What a beautiful post! This is my first visit to your beautiful blog, but I have now signed up to follow and will be back soon. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  2. Your aprons and dresses are always fabulous and I love the flowers that inspired them! Thank you for stopping by my tea party. I so appreciate all the lovely comments you always leave me. Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend Good luck on with the shoulder too!

  3. Love the roses and dresses. It was so nice to see you at my tea party on my blog! I've missed you!

  4. Hi Kathi! Just wanted to let you know that you won my tea party giveaway! Stop by and see my post and send me an email so I can get your prize out to you. Congratulations!


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