Saturday, May 15, 2010

Late for Pink Saturday

I am very late today!  The past few weeks I've been to doctors and they are slowly figuring out why I have been in so much pain!  Looks like low Vitamin D is a major culprit, along with a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder!
  I feel old!  like my Babushka, my Czech great-grandma who called me her little babushka.  "Matroyshka" (Russian) is the common word used these days, but they are really the same.
  My babushka was an extraordinary woman living on a South Dakota farm and raising many children, including my mom.  She got through so many incredibly hard times with Prayer, and hard work.  I had the joy of her in our  lives until I was 12.  and her humble life as gardener, seamstress, quilter, major pray-er, and super loving woman, inspire me every day.  I am SO grateful for getting to know this woman!
   I finished my first Babushka dress, and am enjoying this embroidery.  Here is the other side of this reversible dress

and a hat that woud be cute with it...or a headband with this flower

Happy Pink Saturday to anyone coming by late like me!   Here is the link to Beverly's blog so you can get the list of other pink bloggers

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  1. Thank you for the great note about Peru. I have more photos of the barrios that I am excited about getting up too. The last pic was a shop wall. All the crewel work textiles. They were table runners mostly. I purchased a belt there that is wonderful.


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