Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here they are!!

I really did finish my peony apron and little girl's coordinating dress!  The weather isn't cooperating with taking their pictures together, but here they are!

The mama's apron
Daughter's apron dress with the "apron" matching the mommy's!  (This is basically a Portobello Pixie pattern by Sandy Henderson.  I so like being able to combine lots of fabrics into  a dress!)  I remember how much my little girl loved to wear something that went tied us together...she would point it out to everyone!  I could also make a child size kitchen apron, but I HAD to make this dress with this combo of fabrics....I am recycling a duvet cover (the peony print) and a pillow sham (the beige print) the dark red with white silhouette flowers is new, I must confess...the others are upcycled fabrics that were remnants but new!   When I was ironing the little dress (this one is 2T, but it can be made in 6Mos all the way to a 4T),  I found myself quite wistful, wishing I had a little girl to give it to! 

I love the pleating on this pattern.   The apron ties can be tied in front if you are on the small side, which looks very summer Japanese kimono to me!  (yukata)  Tied in back, though brings out the pleating details; I liked it both ways... the fabric combo is also very Japanese to me (I lived there for one year in the 80's!)  I was only 20 and discovering the world, but peonies are one of the many flowers I associate always now with Japan and their beautiful, artistic landscape.
What is your peony story?! 

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