Monday, May 4, 2009

Observing those birds

I have been drawn to watching the birds for awhile now...actually wrestling with what those words of Jesus meant, to observe the birds, that we can live "carefree in the care of God" like them, free and unfettered to any job description/label (Matthew6:25,26. The Message Bible).
The chickadees came to visit us a couple weeks ago, in their standard flock of 8 - 12, and I watched them find food in the back yard, watching out for each other, sounding the alarm when our cat woke up from a nap on the fence! Then, the cat layed back down to sleep, and another sound was sounded, signalling safety, or "all is well" as my antique bird book says. And as my friend frequently tells me, "All is well" when I trust. Jesus said, if you choose a life of following God, you will be far more loved and cared for than even the birds! As I continue to choose trust, I will also keep embroidering the encouragements on to those daily things that I create to remind us.

Speaking of which, I realized as i photographed the nest a mama robin built outside my studio window, that their nests are also reimagined remnants!! They turn fallen pine needles, dryer lint, paper they found on the street, and even things out of my compost pile, into a nest, a home. I named my little business a couple years ago now, "Reimagined Remnants and Treasures" because I felt that God has reimagined me after a long series of events, into someone new and treasured, albeit made of remnants and leftovers!!! As I craft my purses or aprons out of old bits and pieces of somebody else' leftover creative stash or hard work, and add in my part, I watch the treasures emerge. and they are treasures when they take on meaning and create memories for someone else...they appear in new family photos, or they install themselves into another child's memories ("making cookies in the kitchen with mommy or grandma", "my mom's favorite purse was always that one...", or " remember the hat she wore on her first birthday!!??") These things are not treasures because they have such high monetary value; they are treasures because they were part of the special people and our life stories making a nest in our hearts

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